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Data Standardization || Patient Engagement || Cost Efficiency

Bringing chatbots to clinical workflows

The Problem

Everyday, healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive and the burden is being placed on care providers themselves. Now more than ever, care providers need to find solutions to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency, better outcomes and strong patient engagement.

Our Solution

Chatbots! Our bots are guaranteed to boost efficiency, cut costs, improve outcomes and enhance data standardization and management. They do this by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks such as data collection and dissemination for physicians, nurses and other clinical staff as well as engaging with patients in an effective way to increase compliancy.


The Bots

From information collection and patient education to appointment scheduling, registration and more, our bots are built to fit your exact clinical needs in an engaging, dynamic and efficient way.

The Platform

Our chatbots are integrated into your website and HIPAA-secure mobile messaging platforms, working seamlessly across all devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers, .


Our chatbots are integrated with the Epic EHR system, allowing for robust data management and no learning curve for physicians, nurses and staff already familiar with using Epic.


Chicago, Illinois